Djokovic Disqualified From US Open

It’s been a strange year for sports, but it got even weirder on Sunday at the US Open as tournament favorite and top-seed Novak Djokovic was defaulted from his fourth round match with Pablo Carrera Busta. Down 6-5 and showing a bit of anger, Djokovic hit a ball hard toward the back stop and struck a line judge directly in the throat.

The Boston Globe

Though he had no specific target, he was told he would be pulled from the tournament after about ten minutes of discussion, as they cited a lack of sportsmanship. He also stands to be fined and will lose all money he had earned in the tournament prior to the incident. He had come into the affair with a 26-0 record in 2020 as well, so the 33-year old will see this go down as his first defeat.

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