Dodgers’ First Inning Propels Them To Game 7


The goal of many teams in the playoffs, or any game of baseball for that matter, is to jump on the opposition’s ‘ace’ starter early. It’s rare that it happens, but the Los Angeles Dodgers were able to pull that off against Max Fried of the Atlanta Braves on Saturday afternoon, propelling them into a Game 7 via a 3-1 win. All three of the Dodgers’ runs came in the bottom of the first as Corey Seagar and Justin Turner each had solo home runs and Cody Bellinger drove in a run via a single.

LA Times

Those three runs were enough for them, as the Braves could only muster one (off a seventh-inning double that followed a triple by Nick Markakis) despite having a myriad of runners on the base paths. Fried was very good after conceding those three early runs, but Walker Buehler didn’t give up a single run even with all of that traffic he had allowed on base. That sets up a decisive Game 7 on Sunday night between the two teams, with the Braves looking to get into the World Series for the first since 1999 and the Dodgers hoping to win a third game in a row.

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