Doggy day care mix-up sees stranger take woman’s ‘fur baby’ home by mistake

A woman has taken to Reddit to share how a stranger collected her golden retrieve from day care and wouldn’t pick up their phone when she tried to call them to get him back

The woman started to spiral with emotions
The woman started to spiral with emotions

A woman was left in tears in a car park after a stranger took her dog home from day care.

After dropping her dog off before work, the woman wished her pooch a good day and made her way to the office as she usually would. But it wasn’t until she went to collect her golden retriever hours later when she realised something was wrong. Speaking to Reddit, the woman said: “I dropped off my dog this morning and went to pick him up after work – but he’s not here.

“A very similar dog is, but he’s not mine. I thought I was going crazy at first, but nope, he isn’t mine. It’s an older dog, needs his teeth brushed and nails trimmed – not to mention he has different coloured nails, all black.

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She managed to get her dog back hours later

“At first I thought it was funny, but when the other dog’s owners didn’t answer any of their phones… it’s not so funny. Like I’m reasonable – accidents happen. But where the hell is my dog? I want my fur baby!”

When wondering why the owner wasn’t picking up their phone, the woman started to spiral with emotions before eventually breaking down in tears.

She was soon joined in the car park by the day care owner, who started making her own calls to try to resolve the situation.

She added: “They are going to transport him directly to my house. Granted, he’s still not in my possession, I’m just calmer now.”

Just hours later, the woman was reunited with her dog – and the person who accidently collected the wrong pooch couldn’t have been more apologetic.

“The day care owner came and dropped him off – she was so nice. She said that the other owners are realtors and have three addresses on file. The third house was where our pup was,” she said.

“They had to do a lot of sleuthing to figure out who the sitter (the owners were abroad) was to get her to come back with our pup.

“The sitter realised something was up when our pup wanted to play with her cats and kept pawing her for attention.

“The owner asked what she could do to make it right. I said one or two days of doggy day care would be great.

“She said how about 10 days and when those 10 days are up and you feel like you need more, just say the word. 10 days is like a year of doggy day care with how often we take him there.

“I’m happy to have our pup back! He is happy to be back (or maybe not, he had kittens to play with at the other house!)”

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