Drug dealer wasted on crack bites a police dog after getting “sniffed” at the Detroit airport

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A Californian man had a violent and extremely unusual reaction this morning when a canine unit of the Department of Homeland Security identified him during a random patrol as possibly carrying illegal drugs: he leaped on the unit’s german shepherd and bit it at least 9 times.

29-year old Jason Murray from San Diego in California had just retrieved his luggage after landing in Detroit when he crossed the path of two federal agents and their police dog, a 6-year old german shepherd named Rufus.

Mr. Murray immediately attracted the dog’s attention and Rufus began intensely smelling him and his luggage.

According to Mr. Patrick McHenry, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the young man who has already been condemned several times in the past for drug-related charges, “totally lost it and went berserk”.

“He just roared and leaped forward, grabbing the canine officer and biting it in the neck, the back, the stomach, and the abdominal area.”

Mr. McHenry says the two officers tried to help the dog but were unable to control the accused until reinforcements arrived.

“The accused was so wasted he was just out of his mind. He was incredible strength and oblivious to pain. It took 12 agents to control him and free the dog.”

Mr. Murray of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the canine officer, a male german shepherd trained to identify drugs and explosives, was transported to a veterinary hospital. The poor dog suffers from severe injuries but should be able to recover from this brutal assault.

The D.H.S. agents discovered 12 grams of crack cocaine as well as drug paraphernalia in Mr. Murray’s jacket while searching him. They also found 2 pounds of crystal meth and one pound of crack cocaine in his luggage.

Mr. Murray will now face a total of 31 criminal charges, including charges for assaulting an agent of the federal government, so his trial will be held in a federal court.

If found guilty on all charges, he faces life in prison without parole for 185 years.

Since he has broken his parole conditions twice in the past, he was denied bail and will remain in detention until the beginning of his trial in April.

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