Elon Musk Has A Pretty Impressive List of Things He Wants Accomplished By 2030

Your parents have probably told you a million times to set yourself some goals so that you don’t stray from your path to success. Most of us would have aspirations of financial stability, some kids and maybe even a home one day.

While that’s decent for the majority of the population, it’s virtually nothing compared to what Elon Musk wants to achieve.

The entrepreneur has listed all the things he wants to accomplish by 2030 and it’s goddamn impressive.

Musk sent the internet into meltdown last month when his SpaceX company successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket, one of the most powerful and technologically advanced systems in history. But that’s not the only thing that the company is doing to advance our place in the cosmos.

In 2022, he’s hoping to send his BFR, affectionally known as the Big Fucking Rocket, to Mars in what would be the first planned cargo mission to the red planet.

Two years later, if everything goes according to plan, he’ll organise a crewed mission to Mars to kick off the journey to become a multi-planetary species.

The BFR would also have some practical use on Earth in the shape of some incredibly fast travel. SpaceX reckons once the technology is perfected, it’ll be able to fly people from London to Los Angeles in 32 minutes.

He’s got high hopes for Tesla over the next few years by introducing a range of new vehicles and improving the existing ones.

Musk wanted to have 5,000 Model 3s being produced every month by March this year, however, he’s suffered a few set-backs.

In the next 12 months, the Tesla electric semitrailer and pickup truck will be available along with the highly anticipated Model Y, which is the unofficial name for the compact SUV.

By 2020, he’s expecting to have his self-driving car technology perfected and have those vehicles roaming our streets. That same year the Tesla Roadster 2.0 will hopefully be available, which can go from 0-100km/h in 1.9 seconds – not too bad that.

Elon says that speed is the base level, adding: “There will be a special option package that takes it to the next level.”

Advancements in electric motoring will also hopefully see Tesla’s EV vehicles being capable of driving 1,000 kilometres on a single charge.

There’s no official word on when Musk’s Hyperloop system will be ready for public consumption, but it’s expected to be done way before 2030 comes around.

The project is attached to The Boring Company, another Musk venture, and hopes to drastically reduce or even eliminate traffic around Los Angeles.

It’s essentially a massive network of subterranean tunnels, with pods hooked onto cables that race from point A to point B at a whopping 200 kilometres an hour.

You’d think that would be enough stuff to worry about, but Musk is also looking to have a Tesla gigafactory in China, which would produce the company’s famed lithium-ion battery.

That’s a hell of a lot to accomplish within the next 12 years but after seeing him go from success to success, there’s no denying that he’ll smash these goals.

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