ExclusiveCorinne Olympios Reveals Regret About ‘House of Villains’ Experience: ‘Fish Out of Water’

Corinne Olympios may have been born to go on The Bachelor, but she didn’t seamlessly fit into competitive reality television. The Florida native exclusively reflects on her House of Villains journey with Life & Style and admits her biggest regret on the E! show.

“I was not [prepared] the first episode. I’m not used to just, like, actual competition. When it comes to dating, like that’s my s–t,” Corinne, 32, says. “I’m good at that. I can go for days, people normally like me right off the bat, except for girls.”

Unlike her limo entrance on The Bachelor season 21, Corinne’s welcome into the House of Villains home wasn’t as warm. Corinne played nice while introducing herself to her castmates and faced trouble when she introduced herself to The Apprentice alum Omarosa Manigault Newman.

After the Bachelor in Paradise alum asked Omarosa, 50, what her name was she replied, “Google. It’ll help you.” The tension quickly thickened after Omarosa continued to ignore Corinne, who later stormed out of the room after calling her oncamera enemy a “bitch.”

“Like even then – the first day you’re on a show you’re not expecting Omarosa to come in and just like go for your throat right away. I’ve been through this going into the season,” Corinne continues. “So, like she knew she wanted to argue with me right and start the drama for the show, like she was ready to put on a show right from that moment? I was like. ‘Oh, s–t what did I just get myself into?’ A fish outta water.’”

Now that Corinne is well-rounded in reality television, she is ready to return to fans’ screens for bspoketv’s dating show Second Chances. The influencer will find love amongst fellow TV personalities from popular shows like Traitors and Big Brother.

“[Second Chances] stands out because you’re meeting someone who also really wants to meet someone,” Corinne tells Life & Style, noting that she didn’t feel like her fellow contestant joined for “clout.” “Also you’re kind of like playing a game where you can get to know someone like super well. Like the three questions like you can really get to like know if you wanna continue seeing someone by like asking these personal questions and their answers, so it’s just different.”

Corinne Olympios Regrets House of Villains Experience

Corinne gushes that fans can “expect to see” her in her “truest form.”

“Just kind of trying to find love. I’ve been single for a while, so you know I just have an open mind and was willing to meet people,” she says, adding, “You’re gonna get the full authentic form of me during the dating show.”

Second Chances premieres on bspoketv on Thursday, July 25.

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