ExclusiveLove Is Blind’s Brittany Mills Reveals Her and Kenneth Gorham’s Relationship Status After Split

The Love Is Blind season 6 reunion on Wednesday, March 13, gave fans an update about the cast and their current relationships, including stars Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham. While Brittany and Kenneth teased on TikTok that they got back together after filming,​ she exclusively tells Life & Style that the couple ​is strictly platonic.

“Kenneth and I actually decided when we ended the relationship that we would remain in contact. And so we have remained friends,” Brittany, 25, says. “I think that that’s just coming from our emotional intelligence and maturity and knowing that we weren’t alone in this process.”

The reality star continues, “I didn’t go through it alone. He didn’t go through it alone. We went through this experience together. And that’s something that we’ve just held close to our hearts. And not being able to communicate just wouldn’t seem okay, honestly, just because we grew so close and we know so much about one another that it would’ve felt like, ‘Wait, no, let’s not do that. We still got to communicate.’”

Fans saw Brittany and Kenneth, 26, get engaged in the pods, only to call it quits when they moved to their shared living space back in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, Brittany played into the speculation from fans that she and the high school principal had rekindled their romance. In a TikTok video, Brittany pretended to zip her lips and toss the key behind her just as Kenneth ​walked out and caught it. Commenters expressed their shock and the video even got some responses from other reality TV stars, including  Justin Glaze from The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

“The way I audibly gasped,” Justin, 29, wrote.

Other TikTok users continued to rave about season 6 of Love Is Blind, with several declaring it the best season of the entire series so far.

Love Is Blind's Brittany and Kenneth chat in the kitchen in one of the still shots from season 6.

“This is probably the best season of Love Is Blind! Can’t wait to watch the reunion!” wrote one fan, while another added, “Hands down the best season yet.”

Brittany and Kenneth seemed like one of the strongest couples upon their exit from the Love Is Blind pods and seemed like a sure bet as a pair who would make it to the altar. However, once they got back to Charlotte, the spark between them seemed to fizzle. In episode 8, Brittany told Kenneth she wasn’t sure “how to pinpoint” the problem. She ​also admitted that “what they want out of a relationship” was there, but said their lack of intimacy proved to be too much. They called it quits, and Kenneth left to stay at his friend’s house.

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