FA Cup: Arsenal Stun Manchester City

Arsenal have had a tumultuous season in the English Premier League. It’s been so bad that the team is not going to make it to European play next season. Unless, of course, they win the FA Cup. That looked unlikely heading into Saturday’s semi-final against Manchester City, one of the teams that constantly dominates these tournaments.

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But they had a surprise in store, as they sucker-punched the Citizens to win 2-0 and advance to the final. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has been considering leaving the team due to a lack of competitiveness, scored both goals and is said to be ‘pretty convinced’ of staying put now. They will hope that is the case, as he’s one of the top goal scorers in the world. Arsenal took the win despite holding just 29% of the ball and being outshot 16 to four by City.

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