Family expecting waiter to sing happy birthday to gran, 80 baffled by his performance

A family were left in stitches at their waiter’s unusual performance, while they were out for a celebratory dinner, after expecting him to sing Happy Birthday at the table

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One family were left in stitches by their waiter’s performance while enjoying a meal for their grandma’s 80th birthday.

The unexpected performance went viral – with people divided over whether it was genius or not appropriate.

A video of the hilarious moment went viral on TikTok, leaving people in stitches at diners confused expressions.

In it, the waiter can be seen rapping along to Nosetalgia by Pusha T before beatboxing – while the restaurantgoers look on baffled, as they thought he was about to sing Happy Birthday.

But while they initially appear confused, they appear to be on board by the end of the unusual performance and cheer loudly.

Her video went viral



Family left baffled by waiter’s performance at grandma’s 80th birthday dinner



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Hayden Lowe shared the clip, joking: “Just ya average waiter” at the restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She explained: “We thought he was about to sing Happy Birthday to my 80-year-old grandma.

“He closed the door and said ‘there’s a birthday’ and stood in front of us all and began this amazing performance.

“[He] just caught us off guard.”

She added: “Nothing was said, [he] closed the door and just began.”

People were left in stitches at the unusual situation, as one viewer joked: “The fact it was for her 80-year-old grandmothers birthday makes the video 10000 times funnier.”

Another commented: “He’s making eye contact with everyone like he’s doing a presentation at school.”

A third added: “This feels like an episode of The Office.”

“I would not be able to keep it together dude, you all are strong,” admitted another.

Others loved it, with one commenting: “I’d like to hire him for my 80th birthday party as well.”

And luckily Hayden said her granny loved the show, writing: “She loved it, it was a new sight to see.”