Fans Think Kenan Thompson Looks Exactly Like He Did On Kenan & Kel

Thompson has been doing the rounds a bit at the minute to promote his new NBC show that is starting soon.

It’s called Kenan, imaginatively.

Anyway, he appeared on First We Feast’s incredibly popular Hot Ones show to eat some seriously spicy food and chat about what he’s been up to.

However, that wasn’t the main topic of conversation in the comments below. Much of that focused on how much of a legend he seems to be, but also that he obviously has some magic elixir of youth stashed away somewhere.

He’s 42 years old, but he still looks like he literally just walked off the set of the kids’ show that he starred in between 1996 and 2000.

One person wrote: “I’ve loved Kenan Thompson forever. Also, he’s aging like a fine ass wine.”

Another commented: “Kenan hasn’t aged AT ALL. He deserves all the success that comes his way.”

He does look well. Credit: PA
He does look well. Credit: PA

A third wrote: “Keenan has looked 20 years old for 20 years now! What’s that dude putting on his skin?”

As for his new show, Kenan has had to field quite a few questions about why he walked away from Saturday Night Live after a 20-year association with the comedy programme.

He told E! Online: “It’s a weird thing. Before, I was having a problem associating that the show was the same show before I got there. I was such a big fan of it and then to see me on it, I was like, ‘Is this the same show? This is crazy!’

“And now, I’ve been there so long that it would be weird for me to leave it, which is even crazier. So I don’t even know what to do at this point.”

Furthermore, the show itself brings its own pressures, as it’s the first show that he’s really been the headline draw for.

His new show starts soon on NBC. Credit: PA
His new show starts soon on NBC. Credit: PA

Thompson continued: “There’s a lot riding on it, like my whole name.

“Whole name, face, I’m out there. It felt really good to get the feedback we got this week, and we just gotta keep it going.”

Well, if he’s getting anxious and having sleepless nights over it, he certainly doesn’t look like it’s taking too much of a toll on him.

Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

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