Father stops paying for daughter’s wedding due to seating plan and step dad’s role

A furious father of the bride has gone back on his promise to pay for his daughter’s big day – claiming it’s because of the arrangements for walking her down the aisle and the first dance

A father of the bride claims his daughter is in the wrong
A father of the bride claims his daughter is in the wrong

Planning a wedding when your parents are divorced can be tricky – as one bride is finding out the hard way.

Her father had promised to pay for most of her special day, but is now going back on his promise because he feels his side of the family are being treated badly.

He is also furious about the role of his daughter’s step father – and spitefully said that he should stump up instead.

It was the angry dad who revealed all on Reddit, asking other users whether he was in the wrong in the situation.

The 45-year-old explained that he had split from his ex-wife due to “unhappiness in the relationship” but they had stayed on “relatively good terms” because of their daughter Diana.

The dad also claimed he had a “wonderful” bond with his 22-year-old daughter, who he speaks to every day, and he really likes her husband-to-be.

The dad wasn’t happy with his daughter’s demands


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He wrote: “I agreed to pay a large portion of the wedding cost. Her mom and her now husband are paying nothing towards it besides a few cases of cheap wine.”

The dad is now married to 31-year-old Kylie, who is closer in age to his daughter than him, but insisted that the pair got along well.

Although he says that all changed when Kylie gave birth to their son six months ago – and Diana stopped coming round because she ‘didn’t like babies’.

The father claimed this was all in the past and she now likes to see her half-brother, but something was wrong when they started going over the wedding details.

“I noticed my wife’s name wasn’t on the table next to me,” he explained. “I asked Diana where her step-moms spot was. She said ‘oh I didn’t know she would be coming’.

“I asked why she thought her step mom wouldn’t be coming. She said ‘assumed she would be at home watching the kid’. I said ‘isn’t your step bro invited?”’ She kinda shrugged and said ‘if y’all want him to come’. She didn’t even think about my side of the family.”

Things got worse when the father found out that his daughter wanted him to walk her down the aisle alongside her step dad, who her mum married four years ago.

The bride might have to find another way to pay for the wedding


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He was furious that the step dad and his 10-year-old son were involved in the wedding – while her baby half-brother was being pushed out.

“Which I found ridiculous because this guy showed up in her life at 18 and has hardly raised her like I have,” he said,

“Then I find out she has her step-brother involved in the wedding and not our son. She couldn’t even answer why she did this.”

But the father of the bride really lost his rag when he discovered Diana wanted to do half of the father-daughter dance with her step dad.

He found it “disrespectful” that his wife, who had known Diana for a decade and “helped raise her”, would be sat at the back with their son while her mum’s family had promiment roles.

“At this point I told Diana that I would no longer be funding this wedding,2 he stated. “As I felt like me, her step-mom and her half bro were being disrespected.

“She started crying, calling me petty and saying they won’t be able to pay for it themselves. I said ‘well maybe your step-dad can pony up a little more than a few cases of wine or your mom can figure something out’.

It caused a massive row


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“My ex wife called me and said I’m being an AH. I told her to pony up her man’s money if she has such an issue with it or shut up.

“Because I feel like I have to look out for all members of my family. Not just Diana.”

The post got a lot of replies on Reddit, with those commenting divided over who was in the wrong.

One replied: “He was paying for the wedding and his daughter really obviously was throwing shade his way with her set up. She obviously doesnt view him as a father, which is fine and completely her right, but he shouldnt have to fund a wedding where he’s getting the cold shoulder from step one.”

“Honestly it’s his money, if he doesn’t feel respected he can do whatever he wanted,” added another.

A third said: “I think Dad is in Lala land about some long brewing issues. On the other hand, daughter can’t take all the money and treat that half of her family like unwanted guests.”

While a fourth claimed they both had issues to work on, stating: “He is clearly entirely clueless on the effect his actions had on his relationship with his daughter, and she doesn’t care about him as much as she does about his contribution to her wedding. That’s hypocrisy at its finest.”

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