Flight attendant admits staff often have no idea where they are – and just make stuff up

A flight attendant has claimed staff often have no clue whatsoever when passengers ask them whereabouts they are when up in the air and says they will usually just make stuff up

Female flight attendant (Stock Photo)
They claim if you get a legitimate answer, then the flight attendant is “probably making it up” (Stock Photo)

For many people, one of the most fun aspects of flying has to be gazing out of the window and trying to figure out exactly which part of the world the plane is currently soaring over.

Often, passengers will turn to flight attendants for advice in this regard, naturally assuming they’ll be able to pinpoint their location with expert precision.

However, an individual claiming to be a flight attendant says this just isn’t the case at all, alleging staff will just simply make stuff up if they don’t know the real answer.

According to this anonymous airline professional, it’s unlikely a staff member will actually know where they are unless they’re flying above something “obvious like the grand canyon.”

They went on to advise passengers how any legitimate answers are most probably just made up. Of course, unless you’re a particularly eagle-eyed geography teacher, it’s likely you’ll just accept whatever they tell you either way.

They claim staff will usually only know where they are when flying above something “obvious like the grand canyon” (Stock Photo)


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This insight was revealed on the popular flightattendants Reddit forum, in response to a query posed by curious user Apprehensive_Kiwi_12.

They’d written: “When you aren’t informing passengers on safety precautions, going over stuff before take-off, and serving, what are you doing? If a flight is super long what do you do when there’s nothing to do?”

In response, fellow user iseedogseverywhere remarked they are often fielding various enquiries about connections and bags, as well as, of course, “questions about what we are flying over.”

Reflecting on this final point, they added: “Hint, we don’t know unless it’s obvious like the grand canyon, so if we give you a legitimate answer we are probably making it up lol.”

This wasn’t the only insight to emerge during the discussion, with various flight attendants coming forward with their own downtime experiences.

Another flight attendant replied they are often the designated “bathroom monitor” at such times, sighing: “There is just an unbelievable amount of time spent explaining to people how to open the door. Telling people only one person is allowed in the lav at a time.”

A third wrote: “Try to have a meal, which is inevitably interrupted. And I’m happy to help, but please, for the love of all things holy, don’t talk/breathe over my food.”

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