Flight attendant explains how passengers can get free drinks and air miles

If there’s one thing we love in life, it’s a good freebie.

Everyday expenses can add up quickly, so when someone offers us something for free, it can really make a big difference.

There are a number of life hacks for nabbing yourself a bargain – whether it be at the supermarket or even on a plane.

Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant from the US who has over 622,000 followers on TikTok, has been sharing cabin crew secrets online and recently explained how passengers can get free drinks and air miles while travelling.

And it’s really simple, you just have to be honest with your flight attendants.

Kat Kamalani on TikTok
Kat shared the hacks on TikTok

In a viral video, she said: “Want to know how you get free drinks and miles? Well, I’m a flight attendant and I’m about to tell you.

“This is the number one way that you can get a free drink on your next flight.

“So if you’re sitting in your seat and your monitor or air conditioning or something is broken and we can’t fix it, we have a little iPhone that we can give you free complimentary drinks to make up for that mishap.

“Don’t be shy, if something is broken, tell the flight attendant, but make sure you’re polite about it.

“Because if you’re rude and mean, we’re not going to give you a free drink.”

Kat went on to explain how passengers can get free air miles – and it just takes one phone call.

“The way you can get free miles is that if your aircraft is delayed getting to its destination or it’s cancelled, just call up customer service, explain what happened and they will reward you free miles just for your inconvenience,” she added.

The video was captioned: “The hack YOu will want to know.”

More than 89,000 people have watched the clip, with it garnering over 15,000 likes.

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