Florida hypnotherapist denies malpractice after impregnating 1,367 of his patients

A Miami hypnotherapist who impregnated 1,367 of his female patients since 2006 told a judge this week that he did not believe he had breached any professional standards by doing so.

Leif Worgunsten, 58, made headlines in 2018 when 56 women accused him of hypnotizing them and impregnating them, leading hundreds of other women to come out in the open in the following months.

Worgunsten told Judge Andrew Peterson that he only had sexual relations with his former patients and that they were all consensual.

“I don’t know what to say. I guess I’m just irresistible. The ladies just can’t get enough of me,” Hypnotherapist Leif Worgunsten argued in court.

One of the plaintiffs, Jeanine O’Hara, told reporters she believed she was having sex with Brad Pitt in a luxury penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton before suddenly waking up half-naked in a McDonald’s washroom next to her hypnotherapist.

“One second I find myself eating caviar on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in the presence of George Clooney and Johnny Depp when moments later, I wake up in a low-life motel shower with a hairy 300-pound man performing anal sex onto me”, another plaintiff testified in court.

In his defense, Worgunsten argued that patients often fall in love with their therapists and cited the example of a fellow therapist who was allegedly violently sexually assaulted by one of his 12-year-old patients, a story which did not seem to impress the judge.

“The only thing I am guilty of here today is of not wearing a condom. To that, my honor, I fully plead guilty,” Worgunsten argued in self-defense to a visibly annoyed Judge Peterson.

A similar case occurred in 2016 when an Ohio hypnotherapist claimed that hundreds of his clients had “donated” an impressive $50 million dollars to his Save the Squirrels charity by transferring the sums directly to his bank account over a six-year period.

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