Ford revealed the new electric E-Transit Custom

The world is going electric. It is not rare to see an electric car by your own apartment building and soon enough electric cars will be the standard in personal mobility.

However, electrifying businesses has been a little bit more challenging, because commercial transport needs to be more practical and capable. Now, however, Ford introduced first details of the all-new, all-electric, E-Transit Custom.

Ford’s new E-Transit Custom is going to offer commercial electric mobility in a compact package. Image credit: Ford

Ford Transit has been one of the most popular vans in the world ever since its introduction in 1965. People in the UK have been joking about the fact that nearly every major robbery in the country has taken advantage of the capabilities of this impressive van. Ford Transit Custom is a compact version of Transit, made in Europe since 2012. Basically, Transit Custom is a compact passenger or cargo van with front-wheel drive. It is not very tall nor very long, but those compact dimensions work very well in European cities. In fact, it is a best-selling van in many European cities.

Hans Schep, general manager, Ford Pro, Europe, said: “This is a watershed moment for commercial vehicle operators in Europe, and another hugely significant realisation of our Ford Pro ambitions. Europe’s best-selling van just went all-electric and – supported by our unique Ford Pro one-stop-shop of productivity-boosting services – the operating benefits this will bring to business across Europe cannot be overstated.”

Ford has been turning its Transit van lineup to electricity for some time. The all-electric E-Transit entered production in March this year. Ford is planning to introduce four new all-electric commercial vehicles  by 2024 and the new E-Transit is the first of them. E-Transit Custom may as well be the second.

Transit Custom was already one of the most popular vans in Europe – the electric version is definitely going to cause some interest in the Old Continent. Image credit: Ford

Ford E-Transit Custom will feature a new sculptural design with full LED lighting and a faux grille at the front. Ford hopes that the new electric van will set a distinctive new design benchmark in the one-tonne segment. It will feature DC fast charging, full towing capability and will have a range of up to 380 km. More data will be published when E-Transit Custom approaches closer to production, which is expected to start in 2023 in Turkey.

Ford E-Transit Custom seems to be a great offering for European commercial van buyers. It should help clean up the delivery business. However, it will depend on the price. With the cost of materials getting higher, electric cars are not going to become cheaper. Ford is committed to reach zero emissions for all Ford vehicle sales in Europe and carbon neutrality across its European footprint by 2035.


Source: Ford

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