Former royal butler shares ‘proper’ way to remove sunglasses – and mistake we all make

Grant Harrold, aka the Royal Butler, has shared his expert etiquette advice for people wearing sunglasses, including a big no-no that many of us make in warm weather

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Royal Butler warns against putting sunglasses on head

As the UK is hit by a heatwave, we’re quickly gathering all our summer essentials together.

We’ve got our SPF, shorts, and sun hats at the ready – and of course sunglasses, because they’re a summer staple.

Keeping your eyes protected from the sun should be on your priorities list, but when you’re taking them off, have you ever wondered what you should actually do with them?

Well, wonder no more, because Grant Harrold, also known as The Royal Butler, has come to save the day and tell you exactly what to do with your sunglasses when you’ve taken them off your face.

Grant is a former butler for the royal family, as his name may suggest, and his Instagram is full of tips and tricks on how to behave appropriately in all situations.

In a recent clip, he explains the proper etiquette around wearing sunglasses – and what to do when you take them off.

He gave a raised eyebrow look to the camera


The Royal Butler / Instagram)

He said ‘they are sunglasses not a tiara’


The Royal Butler / Instagram)

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Grant explains: “Ladies and gentleman, when removing your sunglasses you either place them in your pocket – or in your shirt.

“What we never do, we don’t place them up here, after all, they are sunglasses, not a tiara.”

During the video, he demonstrates how sunglasses must be stored when not on the face, and as he places them on his head, he gives a comical raised-eyebrow look at the camera.

Some followers were quick to point out that often women do not wear shirts or blazers with pockets at the front.

Someone commented: “In pocket or shirt are not very lady friendly options since girls often don’t have pockets and the sunglasses lower my decollete more than I want.

“And sunglasses are great for keeping my hair back. So I’m going to keep on sinning, I’m afraid.”

However, one user came up with an alternative to putting them on your head.

They wrote: “Love your channel! Whenever I am about to enter a building I now take off my sunglasses and place them in my purse instead of on top of my head.”

Others left hilarious comments claiming to be a princess, so they wanted to wear their sunglasses tiara.

One said: “My sunglasses are my tiara – thank you very much!!”

“I admit, I do use them as a tiara”, added another.

“But my mother always called me princess?”, one quipped, followed by a confused face.

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