Fuming woman hits back at barmaid’s ‘judgemental’ comment about her order

When you’re minding your own business in a pub, the last thing you want is for someone to make a comment about your order – but her reaction left people divided

Happy couple sitting in bar on a date.
The woman was minding her own business having a drink with her husband when the barmaid made the comment

For some people, heading to the pub after a hard day at work can be the perfect way to relax and unwind.

You can enjoy a glass of wine with family, a pint with your pals, or stick to lime and soda and just soak up the change of scenery.

We don’t think, however, that the bartenders are judging what we buy, and it’s a rare occasion that they’ll make a suggestion on what people drink.

That’s why this one mum was so confused when a barmaid made a ‘rude’ comment about how much she was drinking, but her reaction left people divided.

The woman thought the barmaid was rude when she suggested buying the bottle


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She took to Mumsnet to express her horror, and she seemed seriously annoyed.

She wrote: “At our local pub my usual tipple is rose wine. Almost every time we go they want to flog us the bottle and I always say no thanks.

“I tend to have a large glass to start and then a couple of small ones with ice & soda to ‘tip in.’

“Anyway today they tried to push the bottle and as usual I said no thanks to which the lass helping out behind the bar ( not even staff) said “Do you know just how much wine you drink? You would save money by buying the bottle.

“I replied “Judgmental much?”

People were confused about why the woman had taken such offence to the suggestion, which may actually save her money in the long run.

One wrote: “Yeah, you were quite rude and it also sounds like she might be right and you’d be better off buying the bottle?”

Another quipped: “Yes sounds like you were rude! Poor girl sounds like she was actually trying to do you a favour not judge you, did she touch a nerve perhaps?!”

“She phrased it wrongly, but probably was trying to be helpful and save you money”, someone suggested.

“It’s an odd interaction on both parts”, said another.

Others defended the original poster though, writing: “It is rude to say ‘ do you know just how much wine you drink’. Not sure why everyone so far hasn’t said anything about that. I’d be bothered by that too.

“I probably wouldn’t have made the comment back but I get why you did. However, money-wise she is probably right if you’re going through nearly a full bottle anyway.”

Some even tried to do the maths for her: “If it’s 250ml and then 125ml x 2 then that is 500ml (the measures might be larger). A bottle (750ml) is bound to cost less than those three measures and you could take it home to finish if you don’t want it all in one evening. Nothing judgemental about it. Common sense.”

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