Garza Continues Tear As Iowa Win

If you haven’t heard about the awesomeness of Luke Garza yet, then you should be ashamed of yourself. All kidding aside, the center has been at the top of his game of late for the Iowa Hawkeyes. So on top of it that he has played just 130 minutes all season yet has scored 152 total points thus far. 34 of those points came on Friday night- in 17 minutes of action- as he helped lead them past Iowa State by a score of 105-77.

Lincoln Journal Star

Garza is the reigning Big Ten Player of the Year, and it looks like it would be a waste of money to put a wager on him to not win it again this season. It is an absurd record for him, and he makes the #3 Hawkeyes a team to watch out for regardless of who you are in the world of college basketball.

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