Ghost hunter captures voice of foul-mouthed spectre on tape claiming it is ‘trapped’

Andy Pollard, AKA the Yorkshire Ghost Guy, visited the notorious Cadeby Tunnel in Doncaster where a young girl selling rags was killed years ago and is said to haunt

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Ghost hunter captures voice of ‘trapped’ spectre

A ghost hunter claims to have caught a foul-mouthed spook telling him it is “trapped” during a search of a creepy tunnel.

Andy Pollard, also known as the Yorkshire Ghost Guy, visited the notorious Cadeby Tunnel in Doncaster on his most recent investigation of the paranormal.

As on previous searches he set up a camcorder as he looked around the dank surroundings.

He was also armed with a K2 meter – a device used to detect spikes in the electromagnetic field which paranormal investigators believe may indicate the presence of spirits.

When he later checked his readings he believes he captured a spook first telling him to “f*** off” before saying it is “trapped”.

Andy Pollard visited the notorious Cadeby Tunnel in Doncaster, where a young girl was killed

He said of the experience: “On previous visits (with my former group) we captured a woman’s voice asking “is my baby there”.

“It’s a place that I’m a little wary of to be honest even in the daytime hours.

“I didn’t actually see or hear the evidence until playback which is probably a good thing.

“On my way to the tunnel I got talking to a gentleman walking his dogs, he said that to the best of his knowledge no one had died in the tunnel.

“I’m not the biggest paranormal investigator out there, I’ve not got a massive following but I love what I do and I’d encourage anyone wishing to do it for themselves to go for it.”

The spectre is possibly heard saying it is “trapped” before swearing

One of the tales linked to the tunnel is of a young girl who was killed and known as the Mexborough Ragger.

Legend says she was selling rags inside but when she heard a train approaching she was not able to make it to safety in time.

Andy also believes he possibly caught a spectre on video during the hunt, although he admitted it could have been a light anomaly playing games with the camera.

Last month Andy visited an abandoned mill in Matlock, Derbyshire, and encountered what he believed to be a ghostly spectre following him.

Andrew has carried out several investigations in the region


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It comes as residents were taken aback when a man reported seeing a ” ghost train” on a railway track believed to be abandoned.

The man described seeing approximately “20 oil carriages” chugging alongside Tothill Park, which came as a surprise to those living in the area as they had long assumed that stretch of track was completely abandoned.

However, according to Plymouth Live, the track is occasionally used by freight trains when they need to reverse, which probably explains the ‘ghostly’ sighting, which happened in June last year.

Lost and abandoned railway and tram lines can be found all over Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Travelling by rail used to be a popular mode of transport in the area and you can still see remnants of many of these forgotten tracks throughout the city.

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