Giannis Uses Head Games, Pulls Basket Ruse


A few months ago, in the height of the Covid-19 shutdown, Giannis Antetokounmpo made a statement that truly befuddled just about every sports fans. He said that he did not have an access to a hoop, and that all he had been able to do was workout and bike. So, basically, he was not getting to shoot a basketball at all.

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On Tuesday, he made it very clear that he had pulled a fast one, so to speak, saying he had access to one all along and that he wanted to “get ahead of the competition” by causing a bit of complacency. Who knows if it worked, but it sure is interesting to note that he went into such detail with this plan of his. He is a massive contender for MVP, and moves like this only make the appeal even larger for him to land the award.

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