Goff, Rams Outlast Bucs On MNF

It was, let’s just say, an eventful night for Tom Brady on Monday Night Football this week. His Tampa Bay Buccaneers were facing the Los Angeles Rams, and his game was rather interesting. It was a roller coaster that included two touchdowns, two interceptions, and even one batted pass where he threw all over again after making a catch. When the dust had settled, though, Jared Goff had out battled him, leading his Rams to a 27-24 victory.

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Goff finished the game with much better-looking numbers, racking up 376 yards passing as well as three touchdown tosses. He also had two INTs, but he had over 150 yards more than Brady did and was much, much more accurate. A late interception of Brady was what sealed the win for the Rams, with Brady once again firing wildly over his target. The Rams were able to run the clock out from there, improving their record to 7-3 on the season. That puts them top of the NFC West, though they only lead the Seattle Seahawks by head-to-head record currently. The Bucs, meanwhile, fell to 7-4. They’re currently second in the NFC South, trailing the 8-2 Saints. It’s their second loss in three games now having won three prior to this stretch. As one last aside, the winning points came courtesy of kicker Matt Gay, the very same kicker the Bucs designed to get rid of prior to the season beginning. That one has to hurt a little.

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