Grandad Takes Grandaughter To Prom Because She Didn’t Have A Date

Prom night can be a nervy occasion for students – particularly those who haven’t got a date. Being the only one sat in the corner while all your mates dance the night away is the stuff of nightmares.

Luckily for one teen in California, USA, her grandad stepped in to make sure she wasn’t on her lonesome.

Kaylah Bell, 17, certainly had her outfit down for the big night, sporting a watercolour gown with a shiny pink and purple cape.

But this would have all been for nothing if she was stood on her tod in all of her pictures. Fortunately, 67-year-old grandad Alvin Hackett was by her side and looking just as dapper in his swanky suit.

In a tweet, Kaylah said: “My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom so he matched me!!!!!!!!”

The tweet has since been liked more than 104,000 times and evidently people were touched by the grandad’s gesture.

One person said: “This is what they call father love and unending admiration of his little baby… This is something my dad will do too.”

Another said: “I tell you one day when she has settled down with her husband or not, she will not regret not taking her Dad out. This will always fill her heart with joy when he’s not around.

I love my Dad so much I know she will always appreciate this moment so these other dudes don’t matter.”

Alvin and Kaylah looked the part. Credit: Twitter
Alvin and Kaylah looked the part. Credit: Twitter

Sure, these guys missed the memo that Alvin is her grandad, but still, the sentiment comes from the right place.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kaylah said: “My family is very flashy and the dress just wasn’t flashy enough, so my auntie told me to add the diamond belt and add the cape.

“My grandpa is a pastor of his own church and people say he is the sharpest pastor in the Antelope Valley. So I’m sure he already had his look in his closet.

“My papa matching was truly a blessing to me, it makes me emotional to think about it because we are super close. I really just felt blessed that I was able to create this memory with him.”

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