Guy Tries To Get Video With McFly’s Tom Fletcher, Ends Up Dislocating Knee

You can’t blame people for getting a tiny bit excited when they see a celebrity. Whether they sing, dance, act, play sport or are just famous for being famous, they’re held in a high regard, and some people lose their shit when they see one out in the wild.

But while one bloke kept his cool when he saw McFly’s Tom Fletcher, their encounter didn’t end well. As you can see in the video.

Oliver McGrath was walking around Buckingham Palace for a Duke of Edinburgh event when he saw Fletcher. Knowing his girlfriend would get a kick out of it, the young LAD politely asked Tom if he would do a video message for Lydia.

In the video, the musician said: “Hi, Lydia, it’s Tom here. I’m with your boyfriend and he’s asked me to say hello, so hello from Buckingham Palace.”

And that’s where things went wrong.

We’ll let Oliver explain what happened. He told the Leicester Mercury: “When he said ‘Buckingham Palace’ I tried to do a really dramatic shot where I’d get all of Buckingham Palace in. Then I just fell to the ground. I was just in shock.

“I could see my knee didn’t look right.

Credit: Trinity Mirror
Credit: Trinity Mirror

“My feet didn’t move at all, as I did it quite quickly, I think it came at a weird angle or something,”

Incredibly, in that moment of excitement, Oliver managed to dislocate his knee. But even though he would have been in a spot of pain, it didn’t stop him from filming Tom – squeezing every single ounce of that celebrity encounter.

Tom even commented on the video on social media, saying: “Pleased you’re okay, dude. Even more pleased you caught the moment on camera!”

Celebrities have to endure awkward fan moments all the time, but they usually don’t end up with a painful injury. Oliver was eventually treated by St John’s paramedics at the scene and was pictured walking on crutches after the big fall.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Fingers crossed that when the 22-year-old from De Montfort University showed the video of his meeting with Tom to girlfriend Lydia she was over the goddamn moon. You wouldn’t want to go through all that and she just shrugs and goes, ‘Meh’.

McFly have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2016 and scrapped two albums of songs following their last tour. In a statement, Fletcher said: “After a certain amount of time, you feel like that was where you were at, at a moment.

“If we released stuff we recorded three years ago, we wouldn’t be 100 per cent behind it any more. We still love the songs but we’d be excited about doing new things.”

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