Hail Murray Takes Cards To Win, Pats Beat Ravens

The hail mary is the one play in the game of football that captures the imagination like no other. Plenty have tried it and few have successfully gotten it to work out. But that’s exactly what Kyler Murray pulled off on Sunday as he helped lead the Arizona Cardinals to a 32-30 win over the Buffalo Bills. But the big credit should be placed upon the shoulders of DeAndre Hopkins, who made the grab over two defenders that handed them the win.


The ‘Hail Murray’ was from ‘just’ 43 yards and it takes the Cards to 6-3 on the season. The Bills, meanwhile, dropped to 7-3 with the defeat, leaving them up on Miami by win percentage. Elsewhere, the New England Patriots were able to get a win over one of the AFC’s juggernauts, the Baltimore Ravens. The final was 23-17 in prime time, with the Pats moving to 4-5 with the win. Cam Newton wasn’t spectacular, but they got enough help from the running game and defense to hold off the Ravens. They are reeling currently, no doubt disappointed with the way their season is going despite still sitting at 6-3.

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