Halloween Pumpkin Smoke Bombs Are A Thing, And They Make For Amazing Photos

halloween smoke bombs

Halloween may look a little different in 2020, however, that doesn’t mean that it can’t look cool. The latest trend? Halloween Pumpkin Smoke Bombs. These are making for the coolest photo-ops for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. (1)

Halloween Pumpkin Smoke Bombs

This is one of those DIYs that is actually easy to do and turns out some spectacular images. The materials you need to make them are as follows (2):

  • Smoke grenades
  • Carving pumpkin
  • Carving tools
  • Camera (for the photos)

This time of year you can find pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns at any grocery store, but if you want to have more fun with it try visiting a local pumpkin patch. 

You then have to find the right smoke grenades. Check out this site that has plenty of cool Halloween color options to choose from.

To make sure your jack-o-lantern looks its best, wait until you have the grenades before carving so that your pumpkin doesn’t start wilting before they arrive. Once you have them, get carving!


There are just a few steps, some of which were already mentioned (2):

  1. Find your pumpkin.
  2. Purchase your smoke grenades.
  3. Carve your pumpkin.
  4. Find an open outdoor space.
  5. Have your photographer or camera set up and ready.
  6. Pull the wire tab on the grenade and then drop it into the pumpkin.
  7. Take your photos.

Halloween Pumpkin Smoke Bombs: Important Safety Information!

Once you have your jack-o-lantern carved and ready to go, there are a few things you should know before creating your Halloween pumpkin smoke bombs. These are important for your safety as well as for getting the perfectly-timed shot (2).

  1. Read the directions on the smoke grenade package before using them. The ones provided on the site above are pull-grenades and last about 15 to 20 seconds.
  2. Though you don’t light them, there is a spark that is released when you release the pull wire. These means two things:
    • The canister can get warm, so be careful while you are handling them before, during, and after.
    • Be fire safe. Do not use them in dry areas and have lots of water nearby. 
  3. Have your shot set up beforehand and your camera ready. You will only have about 15 seconds to take your photos.
  4. The smoke will stain the inside of whatever you are using it in. Be wary of this as it may not wash out.
  5. The smoke residue could also stain your clothing. Wear something with the idea in mind that it may be permanently stained.
  6. Only use the grenades outdoors in well-ventilated areas. The smoke can irritate your eyes.
  7. You have to pull reasonably hard on the wire tab and might not get it on the first try.

Getting The Perfect Shot

To get the perfect shot, make sure you plan what you want in advance. Move around to get different angles and a clear shot of the jack-o-lantern’s face, and use a high shutter speed on your camera. You can also use the sports setting on your camera or the burst setting on your smartphone to capture several images as quickly as possible. (2)

Lastly, to get a great shot, don’t attempt them on windy days as the wind will blow the smoke away quickly. It is also suggested that you purchase more smoke grenades than you think you will need, as you are likely going to have to try a couple of times before you get it right. (2)

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