Handyman trims wife’s hair using a spirit level – and people love the results

A man tasked with cutting his wife’s hair decided to break out his toolbox to help him keep the scissors level, and achieved surprisingly good results

A man holds a spirit level to a woman's hair while holding a pair of scissors
The woman was shocked when her husband pulled out his spirit level

Lockdowns have forced many of us to make some risky decisions when it comes to our hair, but even with salons open again, it can often be less hassle to have a quick trim at home.

That’s what one TikTok user thought when they asked their husband to trim the ends of their waist-length hair – though she didn’t expect him to use a spirit level to make sure he cut in a straight line.

In a video posted to TikTok, the user wrote: “Asked my handy man husband to cut my hair ….”

When the tool was put up to her back, text on the screen reads: “Is that a f***ing level???”

And while the woman was likely left unsure about the use of a spirit level for her haircut, she was delighted with the final result at the end.

She added: “Nailed it!”

The post has already been viewed 1.1 million times, and hundreds of people have taken to the comments to share their amazement at the effort that went in to making sure the woman got a trim she could be proud of.

The woman was thrilled with the super straight result

Her husband measured three times before cutting the hair

One wrote: “The fact he put this much effort in is beyond.”

While another added: “Coming from a hairdresser… he did pretty damn good.”

And a third said: “This isn’t his first Rodeo, he holds is scissors professionally.”

Other commenters shared their own experiences with letting their significant others cut their hair, with many of them sharing similarly positive stories.

One said: “I get my husband to cut mine all the time he does a good job too….. he’s only cut my back twice.”

And another explained: “See…men luv this kinda stuff. My ex was a master at colouring my hair and he couldn’t wait to do it each month lol.”

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