Harden Reportedly Needs Six Negative Tests

The NBA offseason is rarely a quiet one these days with players exhibiting more power than ever before, and that has proven to be no different this time around as James Harden’s run-ins with the Houston Rockets are set to continue. The guard, who has made it known that he would love to be traded elsewhere, did not report on time on Monday. He did, however, show up on Tuesday. That doesn’t mean he’ll be practicing soon, though.

USA Today

That’s because the NBA has made it very clear that he must have six consecutive negative tests after he decided not to partake in social distancing measures this past weekend. This might not seem like such a big deal as he would begin practice next week, but it could have long-lasting effects on the Rockets. Should they keep him, and they have so far not shown a willingness to cave in, that would leave him with only about a week to prepare for the new season. That’s not very long, and it would have to leave some in fear of an injury. We’ll see how it all shakes out, but this just doesn’t feel like the end of the narrative. Not by a long shot.

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