Harden Reportedly Wants Short-Term Nets Move

Houston might just have a problem. A basketball problem, that is. James Harden, the star of the team for the last few seasons, is apparently wanting to leave town as he just doesn’t see an avenue forward for success with the Rockets. As a result, many are linking him with a move to join the Brooklyn Nets. Should that occur, of course, he’d be rejoining sides with Kevin Durant.

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He’d also be there with Kyrie Irving, creating another of those ‘big three’ scenarios. But that doesn’t mean that Harden wants it to last forever. Not according to the latest reports. He, it is said, would be willing to move across country for a couple of seasons before he ultimately decides what to do after that. Harden’s goal would be to move to Brooklyn and look for a title victory in one of those two seasons. Then he would opt out and go into free agency in 2022 to see where his career goes after that. So, a move where the Nets bring him in is going to be extremely risky and pressure-packed as he could leave them after just two seasons if they don’t win. It’s all in his court, but first, obviously, the Rockets will have to let him go. And that doesn’t appear to be straightforward as some sources are indicating that they are willing to let things get ‘uncomfortable’ in order to either keep Harden (and Russell Westbrook) or get a better package.

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