Have a Niche Instagram Blog, but Having Problems Getting a Following?

  • Need to grow your Instagram fan base? If so, read on…

Instagram has proven a blessing for brands, and individuals alike. There is little doubt that when Instagram was first launched that anyone realized the impact it could have on businesses, and job creation.


Thousands of people have literally created careers from using Instagram by becoming influencers and creating blogs. When you scrutinize the quantity of users, and the sheer potential audience, it is perhaps not so surprising.

A billion Instagram users are going online every month according to Statista, so it shouldn’t be hard to get an audience, should it? Especially if you have a niche area that appeals to a loyal crowd.

However, it isn’t always that simple. And for every successful blogger, there are hundreds, if not thousands, more that are flailing.


What is a niche Instagram blog?

Blogging on Instagram is not like most other platforms. For a start, there is a limitation of 2,200 characters per post. This is why using Instagram this way is usually termed microblogging. Simply put, it means that posts must be succinct, and to the point.

This presents something of a challenge to bloggers, but it doesn’t mean that blogging is impossible. A niche blog is something that appeals to a particular group of people. This could be due to age, geographical location, or simply the subject matter at hand.

While the small character limit can present problems, Instagram niches can attract loyal followings which can then be directed to your own website where you have more long-form content.


Why would you have problems getting a following?

The only audience worth having is one that views your content, is interested in what you post, and then engages with it. This would ideally then be a following that has been organically grown.

Therefore, if you reach out to other accounts and start following them, they may follow you back. If you engage with their posts, some of their audience may take an interest in your blog too.

This is the ideal manner of gaining a following. However, it takes an awful lot of time to build an audience this way. So, some individuals, and businesses, turn to other methods.


How can you grow your blog’s audience?

A good digital marketing strategy can certainly boost the awareness of a brand. But, what if this is all about little old you, and your blog? After all, you are unlikely to have the marketing powers of Nike or the public relations of Ronaldo.

In this instance, when you need fast Instagram growth, you can turn to a service online to help gain followers.

These are known as Instagram growth services, and they are not all the same. Nor do they all provide the preferred results. Instagram growth services should be used with care and due diligence. Or there may be consequences.


Is it ethical to expand your followers with a growth service?

Many people would say that artificially growing an audience would be unethical, and others would be valid when they say it would also be pointless.

There are those services that promise to show how to get 1000+ followers on Instagram instantly. But, these will largely be filled with bots or fake accounts. These followers will not interact with you or add any value to your brand or blog.

However, some Instagram growth services do things differently. These services will actively search for people and brands that are interested in you. This way you will have genuine engagement which in turn will lead to more organic growth.


What are the downsides to using a legitimate Instagram growth service?

Legitimate in this sense means a service that does not use bots, not fake accounts. What will often happen is that you will be allocated an account manager. This person will not write your posts or suggest what you should add to your Instagram Stories. But, they will actively engage with other account holders.

The downside for many is that you will have to trust these services with your private login details for Instagram. Obviously, some care must be taken over this as you are handing over sensitive information.

Another downside is that these services cost money. Whether that is something that represents value to your blog, only you can determine. You must also make sure that any service you use does not contravene the Instagram code of conduct. Otherwise, you could be suspended, shadow banned, or have your account deleted completely.



If you are in business online then you will want to know how to get more Instagram followers for your label. This is only natural, but shortcuts aren’t always the best solution.

Whether you have a brand or a niche blog, the principles are the same. Grow your audience through organic means, engage with them, add content regularly, and keep it relevant.

If you do use a growth service then thoroughly research them, and make sure that they also believe in organic growth. Bots will do you and your blog nothing but harm.


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