HBO Max Offers Free In-App Access to 13 Pilot Episodes

HBO has decided to expand access to some of its premium content by offering it for free via the service’s HBO Max mobile app (Android or iOS).

It’s already possible to watch free episodes of popular shows by visiting or more recently through a deal with Snapchat. However, HBO clearly realized many potential subscribers may want to watch content on their smartphone or tablet, and so is making 13 pilot episodes available without a subscription to watch in-app.

The episodes are from the shows Batwoman, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Harley Quinn, Lovecraft Country, Love Life, Perry Mason, Raised By Wolves, The Flight Attendant, Titans, Veneno, Warrior, and Doom Patrol. In all cases except Doom Patrol, the episode available will be Season One, Episode One. For Doom Patrol it’s Season Two Episode One. HBO is going to rotate new titles in and out to keep the line-up fresh.

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The company hopes that by offering this content for free you’ll be compelled to keep watching and ultimately sign-up for the $14.99 per month subscription. If you don’t mind ads, then the price drops to $9.99 per month. It’s also possible to save 15% on the subscription price by paying $99.99 for a year with ads, or $149.99 for a year without them.

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