He was dumbstruck after seeing footprints on the ceiling…

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Mice have the ability to crawl into, and set up home in the most inaccessible of places, and they can be a terror to get out. But this mouse in Belgorod, Russia decided to set up lodgings in a very strange place indeed..

Die Fußabdrücke der Maus

Die Fußabdrücke der Maus


The home owner held his phone up to the ceiling, and you can clearly hear the pitter patter of tiny nimble feet, moving back and forth. It is hard to believe that the ceiling is bulging under the feet of the interloper as you can see in the photo.

The camera closes in on the ceiling, and without a doubt, it is a mouse!

The mouse steps are so loud, he has really made himself at home. Even the cat is unsure what to do with this new unwelcome resident…

You can get a taste for yourself of their dilemma in our video:

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