Heat Go Up 2-0 Following Another Comeback

The Boston Celtics surely couldn’t allow another big lead to slip in their series with the Miami Heat could they? Unfortunately, if you are a fan of them, at least, they could and they did in Game 2 on Thursday night. They trailed by as many as 17 points in total, but that one again did not stop the Heat from breaking through and grabbing a victory that gives them a decisive 2-0 edge in the series.

The San Diego Union Tribune

Goran Dragic led all scorers on the evening, dropping 25 points, while Game 1 defensive hero Bam Adebayo was able to add 21 to the mix thanks to a very strong third quarter. So strong, in fact, that the Heat as a whole outscored the Celtics by 20 clear points, a massive turning point in the game and potentially the series as a whole. Their use of a zone defense for most of the game has to be acknowledged, as it eventually clicked and led to them being able to get stops, allowing them to accrue that large lead. Boston were led in the scoring department by a much-improved Kemba Walker, though his 23 points were not nearly enough to give them what would have been a crucial win.

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