Heavily pregnant mum with toddler in disbelief over husband’s holiday plans

A woman wanted people’s advice on what to do after revealing her husband was going on holiday soon, leaving her with a toddler and either pregnant, or potentially with a newborn

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The woman said she felt she may lose the plot if her husband went on holiday (Stock Image)

Looking after children can be really difficult, but when you’ve got to look after them by yourself with no support, it can be really daunting. Especially if your partner is going on holiday on a ‘golf week away abroad with his friends’.

The woman took to Mumsnet to explain that she’s pregnant with her and her husband’s second baby and is due in six weeks’ time, and their first baby is just over 18 months old. Despite this, her husband is going on a fun holiday away, rather than cancelling – instead he just ‘avoids talking about it’, claiming she’ll be ‘fine and will hope whilst he is away’.

The woman said that she wouldn’t be able to cope with her husband being away (Stock Image)


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She candidly wrote: “We are expecting our second baby in 6 weeks’ time with our first is just over 18 months old. 6 weeks after our baby is due my husband has a planned golf week away abroad with his friends which was booked before we found out we were pregnant.

“Instead of cancelling he is still planning on going and avoids talking about it just saying I will be fine and will cope while he is away. I don’t have much family support and when he has been on numerous golf weekends, stag dos and long weekends with the lads in the last 18 months I have felt easily overwhelmed which is exasperated by the fact our toddler doesn’t sleep.

“I want to ask him not to go but at the same time feel bad stopping him but I know I won’t be able to cope with a new baby and toddler for such a long period just so he can have a jolly with the boys.

“He doesn’t see it from my perspective or part of me thinks he doesn’t care and worries more on missing out. My friends are perplexed on why he is still going and can’t just wait for the next UK golf break away which would be a few months later I presume.

“I know it’s important for people to have their own time but I feel his looking at his needs before mine and the kids and the fact I could still be establishing feeding and recovering. Should I put my foot down which isn’t really me but if he goes I know I might lose the plot a bit.”

In the comments, people suggested that they also wouldn’t be happy with their significant other heading off on a holiday whilst she was so close to her due date, with a toddler.

One wrote: “I’d put my foot down, but honestly the fact that he’s even considering going would kill any love or respect I had for him.”

Another agreed, commenting: “I think I’d lose a lot of respect if he even suggested going. Please stand up for yourself and tell him he is a selfish a***. You can’t disappear on a holiday when you have recently welcomed a new baby into the family.”

Someone else said it just sounded like a random holiday so he could’ve waited for the next one, writing: “It’s just a random weekend away by the sounds of it so no reason he can’t just go to the next one, it’s not like it’s a close friends stag or a big birthday.”

“No f****** chance”, one woman fumed. “My husband jokingly suggested going to a 5-day festival 6 weeks after our twins are due. I told him to go for it and fill his boots but to not bother coming back!”

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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