Heidi Klum Gets Candid About ‘Freak’ Sex Confessions on ‘Call Her Daddy’: ‘Roleplay in the Bedroom’

Heidi Klum is a free-spirit, so spilling the hot gossip about her sex life is no biggie. The supermodel appeared on the Wednesday, January 31, episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast and she opened up about her biggest turn-ons in the bedroom … or public places.

Heidi, 50, who was born and raised in Germany, admitted to host Alex Cooper that she missed “the occasional sausage” while living in America. However, her confession turned naughty when she referred to her husband Tom Kaulitz’s penis as a “German sausage.”

The America’s Got Talent judge went on to reflect on her past sexual encounters, including a time when a date to the movies turned into a peep show. Heidi explained that she once witnessed a date “putting his wiener in the popcorn box” and the ill-mannered bachelor, whom she did not identify, “shoved his little wiener sausage through it. … There it was.”

Heidi also revealed that she likes to turn things up a notch in the bedroom and dresses up in skimpy costumes for her lovers. While reflecting on her plethora of iconic Halloween costumes, the former Victoria’s Secret angel chose her 2015 Jessica Rabbit look as the one to wear during “roleplay in the bedroom.”

The TV personality homed in on her love life with Tom, 34, whom she married in 2019, and shamelessly admitted that simply looking at her husband turns her on. Heidi was previously married to Ric Pipino and Seal.

After hearing Heidi’s NSFW confessions, host Alex wondered how much of a freak her guest was. Heidi confidently told her she was a “nine” on a scale from “prude to “total freak.”

“I think it’s easier for the woman than it is for the man, so does the man have that much stamina is the thing,” Heidi explained. “The men are usually the ones that can’t go for that long. … Some can’t do it.”

In the midst of the podcast episode, Heidi and Alex FaceTime called the foreign star’s daughter, Leni Olumi Kulm. The celebrity kid, 19, confirmed her mom’s heightened sexuality and shared a story about the time she found Heidi’s adult-only room where she hides her sex toys.

“I thought it was the coolest thing ever, I was going through it with my friends,” Leni said during the video phone call. “I really had no idea what it was and my mom got so mad at me after.”

As for Heidi’s favorite place to do the deed, the Project Runway alum prefers to have sex “in an airplane” or “in the water.” However, flying “private” is the only time she joined the mile-high club and “salt water is better.”

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