Hilarious dog hijacks family TikTok dance – but ‘the show must go on’

A family attempting a popular TikTok dance have gone viral online, but not for their talented skills – instead their dog hilariously gatecrashes and steals the show

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Dog hilariously gatecrashes family’s TikTok dance

They say you should never work with children or animals – and for the Valenzuela family, the phrase comically rings true.

Marti Valenzuela, from Mexico, attempted to capture her family competing a popular dance routine on TikTok, but it went hilariously wrong.

The video, which has been viewed more than 44 million times, showcases her dog hijacking their fourth member of the dance squad.

As part of the routine, four people are required to line up and introduce themselves as Chicky, Cha-Cha, Boom-Boom and La-La.

Then whenever the song calls out any of the names, the person assigned to the character must step forward and dance.

The dance started off smoothly



But soon went amusingly wrong



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It’s been performed by thousands to the tune of “My Name Is” by children’s entertainer D Billions – only no one completed it like this.

At the beginning of the video, Marti and her brother, Nicolas, succeed in completing the first part of the song.

But when the youngest sibling steps forward, the curious pooch decides it’s time to playfight.

From then on, it’s a downwards spiral as the pup takes the young child to the ground and tries to nip and lick her playfully.

Marti and Nicolas are keen for the show to go on and continue their parts of the song – all while their littlest member is rolling about on the floor with the dog.

At one point, Marti tries to intervene but the dog is having none of it, and jumps straight back up excitedly.

When the video ends, all three standing siblings are doubled over in laughter at the chaos.

Chaos suddenly escalated on the floor



They couldn’t keep the laughter in



TikTok users were in hysterics at the footage, with one saying: “I’ve never laughed harder.”

A person commented: “Boom boom is fighting for her life someone help her” and another said: “Even though she was being ‘attacked’, she never stopped to do the ‘boom boom’ part.”

One TikToker said: “When the assignment is more important” and someone agreed: “The show must go on”.

Another video going viral online is Medina the cat caring for puppies after she lost all her own kittens.

Owner Chanelle, from Melbourne, Australia, posted the clip of Medina dotting over a litter of cavoodle puppies on TikTok.

User were smitten with Medina’s motherly instinct and fell in love with the unusual fur family.

One person wrote: “They’re co-parenting” while a second said: “She’s a nanny cat”.

But similar to Marti’s video, fans were distracted by the dog “photobombing” in the back.

“That one puppy in the back is a whole mood,” someone commented.

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