Horrified mum-to-be gobsmacked as best friend axes her from bridal party

The Bridezilla axed the mum-to-be from her Maid of Honour duties because she was pregnant, but she had been taking her role super seriously and was gutted to be ditched last minute

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The mum-to-be was axed from Maid of Honour duties because she was pregnant

An angry mum-to-be has taken to a Reddit thread to ask whether she’s in the wrong over pre-wedding drama with her now ex-bestie.

She wanted to know whether people thought that she’d done the right thing – and people think she did.

In a lengthy post, she told how she helped out extensively as Maid of Honour – from dress shopping, party planning, and helping the other bridesmaids – but ended up uninvited.

The frustrated friend wrote: “I travel for work, and I turned down multiple jobs so I would be close for her wedding and events or if she were to need my help planning these last few months.

“This has resulted in me being out of work for the last 3 months because she was upset I was going to be out of state (there have been no jobs close enough to home that made sense, as I’d have to drive back home multiple times during my assignment) (but I finally found a job – hooray!). I literally rearranged my career just to be close by to help her.”

The mum-to-be had helped the bride with everything

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The woman continued: “It was a shock to me to receive a very lengthy text this week telling me she was going to have someone else take over as Maid of Honour and she was demoting me to a bridesmaid because I told her I may not be able to attend the bridal shower due to work (I could only submit a request for the weekend of her wedding off).

“I said I would attend rehearsal but maybe not rehearsal dinner because I was under the impression I had to pay for dinner myself & it was at a very expensive restaurant, and because I cannot currently afford to get my nails done the day before the wedding, and I told her I likely won’t be attending that event either.

“Finances are tight with a new house, personal wedding planning, and a baby on the way.

“She also feels I haven’t communicated with her enough, even though I check in at least once a month asking if she needs me. I always end these convos with telling her she should reach out if something comes up.

“Also, apparently my texts don’t come off as being ‘excited for her’ which makes her mad.

People jumped to her defence straightaway, pointing out how selfish and unfair her so-called best friend is.

One wrote: “Tell her you’ll make her life a lot easier and bow out from attending full stop. Spend her ‘big day’ in comfy clothes with a remote control in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other.”

One angry responder said: “Please stop everything you’re doing for this ungrateful woman and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

“Let her know you’ll be stepping down and would like to just attend as a guest. It’s unfortunate that this might really put a serious wedge in your friendship but that’s her selfish choice not yours. She just wants someone to kiss her a** at all times, just sickening!”

The ex Maid of Honour updated people on the post later by explaining she’d sent a text outlining how her friend had made her feel.

Eight hours later, she had received no reply.

The ex Maid of Honour waited a while for a response to her text

An angry Redditor replied: “I don’t see a friend, I only see a bridezilla that has lost all connection to reality. I’d say good riddance of that ‘friend.’

People waited with bated breath for the next instalment of the drama, wanting to know whether the bride had apologised for her behaviour.

The update said: “Thank you all so much for the kind comments and support! I felt validated in my decision to ultimately step down from the wedding overall. It was good to hear from others that I wasn’t overreacting and being hormonal.

“I sent a long text to my friend two days after my original post. The text was outlining everything I’ve done for her & why I felt disrespected in her decision to demote me from MOH so close to the wedding date.

“I also was sure to tell her I’ve lost a lot financially in trying to be a good friend and stay close for her wedding and events like she had wanted.

“I ended the message telling her I still want her to enjoy her day and I don’t want it to be full of any drama or bitterness, so I felt it best that I step down from it all. It took her two full days to respond.

“We went back and forth quite a bit with her telling me the additional reasons for demoting me were I hadn’t been texting her enough and asking her about her personal life / I wasn’t ‘excited enough’ in my messages about the wedding, etc.

“Essentially, she felt I was more concerned with my own life currently (pregnancy & finding a job) than I was with her wedding.

“There were a lot of “pity me” messages from her & after reiterating that I no longer wanted to be in the wedding at all, I stopped replying. I haven’t heard from her in over 3 weeks. I’ve returned my bridesmaid dress & I feel so at peace with my decision. I don’t think I’ll be attending the wedding at all.

After the update, someone commented: “My God. How dare you be more concerned about your own financial security and ability to provide for your upcoming child than her wedding! Good riddance. This woman wasn’t a friend.

“She was a user. Block her and enjoy your life without her.”

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