Hotel worker warns of five things she’d never do – and urges against using TV remote

A hotel worker has warned of the five things she would “never” have done during her time working in the industry and has urged people against using TV remote

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Hotel worker reveals five things to never do in a hotel room

A hotel worker has outlined the five things she’d “never do” at a hotel, and it may well leave you feeling a little less relaxed at check-in time.

Although we tend to think of hotel rooms as being completely spotless throughout, this hotel worker has warned this often just isn’t the case at all, and has urged against using any glasses or the TV remote without a thorough clean.

With many of us heading off on holiday this summer, you may want to consider popping a few handy wipes in your handbag if you’re in any way squeamish when it comes to hygiene.

Evangeline has cautioned against using the TV remote without wiping it first (Stock Photo)


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Hotelier Evangeline – who goes by the username @queenevangeline25 – recently dropped her hard-won pearls on wisdom in a TikTok video, starting with reservation names.

Reservation when there’s more than one person in the room

The hotel professional explained: “If there is more than one person staying in the room, I would never not add their name on the reservation.

“If you, the primary person happens to be gone and the other person gets locked out and they go to the front desk – if their name isn’t on the reservation, they don’t get the key.”

Evangeline says she would never get too comfy on top of a bedspread (Stock Photo)


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The remote control

Although the hotel remote control may well look perfectly innocent, Evangeline advises considering the number of unknown fingers which have pushed its buttons over the years.

She warned: “I would never use the remote control without first wiping it down with my own Clorox wipe. Your cleaning and my cleaning are different cleaning, you feel me?”


Although you may well be keen to pour yourself a refreshing glass of water after a long flight, Evangeline has stressed the importance of cleaning any glasses in your hotel room first.

She says she would “never use them without washing them first”, and no doubt many clean-conscious individuals would agree.

Hotel points programme

Although it’s all too easy to forget about points programmes offered by hotels, Evangeline has encouraged people not to underestimate just how useful this can be.

She said: “Back in the day you used to really have to let some of the points accumulate to actually use them for something good. But these days they actually allow you to use them for other things, such as Amazon points.”

Hotel bedspread

In what is perhaps Evangeline’s grimmest piece of advice, the hotelier warned people not to simply flop on their bedspread.

She revealed: “I would never sit on the bedspread. I would never make myself comfortable on the bedspread. That thing comes off the first minute I walk into the hotel. Those things are not washed often.”

Although she did note some upscale hotels now tend to use easily washable flat sheets, actual bedspreads should always be approached with caution, as “those things get cleaned maybe once a year.”

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