House up for sale for just £20,000 – but it’s so messy you can’t see the floor

A three-bedroom house in Cardiff, Wales, has gone up for sale for just £20,000 – but it’s so messy you can’t see the floor in the pictures and will have to use your imagination

The house for sale in Cardiff
The house in Cardiff looks fine from the outside

These pictures show a house that’s the definition of a ‘fixer upper’ – a three-bedroom home up for auction for just £20,000 that’s so messy you can’t even see the floor.

The terraced house will be sold as it is when it goes under the hammer, meaning the highest bidder will walk away with not just a new home – but also its entire contents.

Images advertising the terraced house show wallpaper hanging off mouldy walls and a completely overgrown garden, and the description of the house in in Cardiff, Wales, says it is “in need of a makeover”.

The period property is said to offer the successful bidder the opportunity to generate a “handsome income” once it has been renovated.

When you see inside, you can see why the starting price is so low


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Jim Demitriou, the national valuer for SDL auctions said: “The successful bidder will get everything that’s inside the home.

“It saves the owner the trouble of clearing it out. That’s why it is more suited to an auction.

“The fact that it’s messy means that it stands out, it gets your attention. We’re here to make the property sell, the more interest, the more people bid.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in it. We’ve got about 90 people waiting to view it and about 40 registered to bid.

You have to use your imagination to see what you’re bidding on


North News & Pictures Ltd

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“We’ve got a highly motivated vendor who wants to make sure it does sell. By guiding it low, we’ll get more interest.

“It’s a great opportunity. You can renovate it and live in it, or you can rent it out but if you are looking to make money you can turn it into a multiple occupancy by splitting it into two flats. Splitting is where a buyer may go with it.

“If you look on that street, other houses that are exactly the same that have been split into two flats, they’re selling anywhere between £120,000 and £130,000.

“It’s been empty for about three or four years. The home belonged to the vendors mother, who passed away. It wasn’t their family home, so they’re not emotionally attached to it.

“Sometimes when it’s a family home people tend to feel like they’re giving away, but this vendor doesn’t.”

The National Property Auction will commence at 10:00am on July 29, registration for bidding will close at 12pm the day before.

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