How many animals do you see?

how many animals

Are you ready to challenge your eyes and your brain? Then this is puzzle you need. How many animals do you see hidden in this picture?

How Many Animals Do You See?

The picture below is a picture of leafless trees with their branches all intertwined. Hidden in those branches are various animals. Your task is to find them – how many animals do you see?

Image credit: Optical Illusions Portal

Try to find as many animals as you can, then show it to a friend or family member and see if they find any that you might not have.

The Answer

Whether you think you’ve found every animal in the picture or not, check your answer below. We’ve circled every animal in the photo so you can see if you got them all, or, which ones you may have missed.

Were you surprised? Did you get them all? If you did, you should definitely share it with others to see if they are as good at this as you are.

Elephant on the Wall

Now that you’ve found all of those animals, how many animals do you see in this picture?

Image Credit: Daily Mail UK

Hint: There’s way more than you think!

Not sure how there could be more than five animals here? Check the answer below.

Image Credit: Brightside

Crazy, right? That one was definitely trickier than it looks. Now that you’ve solved this picture, check out some of the puzzles below.

Other Puzzles

Now that you are on a roll with these puzzles, there’s no point in stopping now. Check out some of the puzzles below and see how many you can solve. Don’t forget to time yourself when you do them so that you can challenge your friends to a race.

This eye games should give you quite a lot to work on for the day. Good luck, and don’t forget to share the fun!

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