How To Stay Calm In Traffic? Viral Video By Delhi Police Explains

How To Stay Calm In Traffic? Viral Video By Delhi Police Explains

Delhi Police is known for its quirky tweets.

Megacities like Delhi are famous for their traffic jams. And the situation turns worse during office hours, or when it rains. Bumper-to-bumper traffic, blaring horns and two-wheelers jostling for space create a situation where it becomes almost impossible to not lose your cool. Several incidents of road rage are reported every year from different parts of Delhi because commuters spend a long time on roads. But the Delhi Police has a solution for this. Known for its quirky tweets, it has posted a video that is winning hearts online.

In the video, a man is seen singing songs while stuck in traffic. “How to stay calm at traffic signal,” Delhi Police’s tweet reads.

The supers on the video say, “Love music? Sing. Don’t blow horn when you are waiting at traffic signal.”

The video has amassed more than 11,000 views and several users posted their comments on it.

“Please release a song list for the rain,” said one user. “Nice voice,” commented others.

Last week, the Delhi Police used the Kala Chashma trend to raise awareness against using tinted windows in cars. The police informed about a special drive they are launching to penalise car owners who have tinted glass “beyond permissible limits”.

A meme in Hindi accompanying the tweet said “black sunglasses really suit you, but not the tinted glasses of your car” when translated to English.

The police also mentioned the permissible limit for visual light transmission. According to the guidelines, the film should not be less than 50% or side glass and less than 70% for front and rear windscreens.

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