‘I booked the same wedding venue as my sister – I know I’m being petty’

A recently engaged woman was aghast when her sister announced her engagement right after her own. Things got more heated when she discovered she’d booked her dream wedding venue

Two brides standing back to back (Stock Photo)
The sisters have never been close, but this was a step too far (Stock Photo)

A woman who doesn’t see eye to eye with her sister has experienced further frustrations after their partners proposed at around the same time.

Shortly after announcing her own engagement, she discovered her sister was also set to be wed, and that she had booked her ceremony at the venue she herself had wanted for years.

According to the irritated bride-to-be, her ‘shallow’ parents have always shown favouritism toward her ‘much prettier’ sister, which has understandably left her feeling ‘pretty bitter and distant.’

Exasperated, she brought up the venue issue with her parents, who told her sternly ‘to stop being so petty.’

It was in this spirit of pettiness that she decided to just go ahead and book her longed-for venue anyway, one month before her sister’s big day.

She’d long dreamed of getting married at the same venue where her grandparents exchanged their vows (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the woman wrote: “I checked with the venue and there’s no way my sister can move the wedding up (they’re booked up) and if she changes venues she’ll lose her deposit.

“My mother recently reached out to me and implored me to talk to my sister (I blocked her after the first call where she tried to ream me out).

“Apparently, my sister’s really distraught and my mum said the least I could do was try and work something out with my sister, especially over such a huge event. I said no, but my mum said I was being an a****** for not even trying to hear her out and for being so stubborn and petty.”

The poster – who goes by the username u/Any-Description-2013 – went on to explain that this particular venue means so much to her as her beloved grandparents ‘practically raised her’, and she always knew she wanted to get married in the same place they did.

Meanwhile, her sister – who now insists the venue ‘means the world to her’ – had previously stated that she ‘couldn’t care less’ about it, and that she had simply booked it out of convenience.

Still, after learning just how upset her sister is about the whole thing, the poster now wonders if she could have reined in her pettiness a notch.

However, others feel that her sister is in fact the petty one, having known for a long time about the special place the venue held in her heart.

One person wrote: “You were going to book that wedding venue anyway. Sure, you booked the earlier date out of spite but I find it hard to believe your sister wasn’t doing the same.

“I also hope you’re not planning on inviting any of them to your wedding however that’s on you and you should do what makes you the happiest on your and your fiancé’s big day.”

Another went a step further, advising: “I recommend you call the venue and set up a password with them though. I 100 per cent guarantee either your sister or parents will try and cancel your slot with the venue. Protect yourself. Set up a password with the venue.”

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