‘I got a £285 tattoo to honour my great-gran – people say it looks like a uterus’

A woman wanted to get a floral tattoo as a sweet tribute to her beloved great grandmother, however, she was dismayed by the result, which some say looks like a uterus

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TikToker reveals tattoo which looks like a ‘cabbage patch kid’

Many of us will no doubt harbour a few regrets about body art we had done back when we were barely old enough to sit in the tattooist’s chair.

One woman is currently having to grapple with this sort of frustrating regret, with the floral tattoo she had inked when she was just 18 now proving to be a bit of a pain.

As previously reported by the Daily Star, Jessika Gancedo had the tat done when she was just 18 years old, and intended it to be a sweet tribute to her great grandmother.

The Iris flower with wings design would have set her back £285, had her dad not generously treated her to it as a birthday gift.

As thoughtful as the intentions behind the now-faded tattoo had been, it, unfortunately, hasn’t stood the test of time – and has since been likened in turn to a ‘cabbage patch’ and ‘a uterus’.

Jessika had the tattoo done when she was just 18 years old



Jessika says bad tattoos run in her family



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Taking to TikTok, Jessika – who goes by the username @jessicabaileyg – said: “I did not research the tattoo artist. I did not come in with a picture reference. I came in with an idea and the tattoo was only $350.

“It is supposed to be an Iris flower with wings in tribute to my great-grandmother, Iris, and just know that immediately, whenever I got it and walked over to my dad to show him, he said, ‘oh yeah, it’s a tribute to her cabbage patch kid’.

“I’ve been in two tattoo artists. I’m talking about a coverup. The first one said, ‘oh yeah, we can cover that pretty easily. It’s pretty faded.’

“But the second one said it’s going to have to be pretty big though. The second one also told me that it looks like a 30-year-old tattoo. I will say my dad has a worse one than this. So I guess bad tattoos just run in the family.”

Jessika’s followers have been left aghast at the sight of the tat, which very few thought resembled an iris.

One person remarked: “Looks slightly like lettuce.”

While another said: “It’s kind of giving…uterus.”

A third person sympathised: “I feel for you. I asked for a four-leaf clover and so far I’ve been asked if it’s broccoli or a mushroom”.

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