‘I hate my sister’s baby name choice – my family say I’m rude for being honest’

A woman told her sister she hates the name she chose for her baby but her family have accused her of ‘creating problems’ and being rude for being honest about it

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The woman upset her sister by giving her honest opinion (stock photo)

Some parents are keen on picking out the most unique name they can think of when it comes to naming their babies, and while some monikers might not be to everyone’s taste, there’s no one who can stop you from calling your child whatever you want.

But one woman has been criticised by her family members for being honest with her sister about her opinions on the name her future niece will have – because she wanted to save the baby from “embarrassment”.

Sharing her story anonymously on Reddit, the woman said her sister plans to name her baby Strummer Azrael Quinn, and admitted she told her sibling to “think more about the name” before the baby is born.

She was accused of ‘causing problems’ in the family (stock photo)


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Her sister then got upset, and she was told by other family members that she was “creating problems” and “ruining” her sister’s big moment by being so negative about the name.

She explained: “Last week my sister had a baby shower, and my family and I were there to help her set up and decorate.

“Everything was going well, we were blowing up balloons and setting plates, etc. That is until I saw a huge sign with the words ‘Strummer Azrael Quinn’.

“I was confused and asked my sister about it, and she told me it was the name she decided on for her baby. I generally don’t care what parents name their kids, but we’re not celebrities and as the child’s aunt, I thought I would try to save it the embarrassment.

“I suggested maybe not putting up the sign and then taking time to think more about the name as a family. She got upset and said it was a perfectly fine name and she wanted the sign to be hung up.

“My mum came over to see what the problem was and after I explained the situation, she got mad at me for ‘creating problems’ and said it didn’t matter if I liked the name or not. They told me to leave since I was ‘ruining her big day’ and I haven’t spoken to my sister since.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were split, as while most of them agreed that they weren’t fond of the name, they also said it wasn’t the woman’s decision and was ultimately “none of her business”.

One person said: “It’s not your business, but at the same time that is a terrible name.”

While another added: “Everybody sucks here. Her for picking possibly the ugliest name ever, and for throwing her own baby shower. You for saying anything besides ‘Oh how … unique’.”

And a third wrote: “That is a terrible name but you brought it up at possibly the worst time and in a terrible way.”

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