‘I have 8 kids and they all have unique names – one was inspired by true crime podcast’

A mum-of-eight has opened up about her creative naming process, with her varied sources of inspiration including her family history, true crimes podcasts, and her work in a leper colony

Jordan Page
Fans of the parenting blogger enjoyed the insight into her family history

A parenting blogger has shared the unique stories behind each of her eight children’s names, with each one having a different interesting meaning.

Influencer Jordan Page, dubbed the Fun Cheap or Free Queen, gave her name choices plenty of thought during each pregnancy, with each one having a ‘distinct story’ behind it.

In a YouTube video, Jordan explained that she’d had a lot of questions about her children’s names over the years, with fans curious as to why she chose them.

Jordan, who blogs about all things family, budgeting, and frugal living, started off with her eldest daughter Priya Jean, who was named after a little girl she claims to have met at a leper colony.

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As previously reported by The Sun, the mum blogger, who lives in Utah, recalled how, back in her college days, she’d worked in a leprosy colony in Southern India, and quickly became attached to a sweet four-year-old girl named Priya.

Even before she became pregnant, Jordan knew she wanted to name her own daughter Priya, even bringing this wish up in an early chat with her now-husband. The middle name Jean is after her Grandma Jean.

When it came to naming her young son McEwan Fisher, Jordan was inspired by an apparent brush with the supernatural. She’d been struggling to think of the right name, and so asked her late Grandma Mary for advice while leaving flowers at her grave.

Mere minutes after asking Grandma Mary out loud for advice, the then seven and a half months pregnant Jordan walked by a headstone marked ‘McEwan’.

It was at this moment, she ‘felt zapped’ and knew her son would be called McEwan, with Grandma Mary’s middle name of Fisher as his middle name

Jordan named her eldest daughter after a little girl she met at a leper colony


Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree/Youtube)

With her twins, Joss Jordan and Devereux Clarke, Jordan explained that she drew inspiration after listening to a true-crime podcast, which featured a person named Jocelyn.

Jordan soon came to like the shortened version of the name, which she thought was ‘kind of cool’, adding her own namesake as the middle name.

Devereux meanwhile, is named after a family friend, with their middle name Clarke also being his father’s middle name.

Interestingly, Jordan had picked out baby names long before even becoming a parent, with the name Mory June coming to her and her husband during a road trip in Oregon, before they were married.

While discussing hypothetical baby names, Jordan’s husband said he liked the name Moriah for a girl, with Mory for short. After welcoming their own Mory to the world, they gave her the middle name of June, after his grandmother.

Jordan and her husband picked out the name Mory before they even started their family


Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree/Youtube)

Jordan’s eldest son, Brandtsen Hutchings, best known as ‘Hutch’ to the rest of the family, was originally going to be called Boston, but inspiration soon struck during a drive to work when she ‘pictured his name Brandt with an -sen’.

Hutchings was intended as a tribute to his dad’s grandfather, with Hutch sticking because, as Jordan herself admitted, ‘No one can pronounce it, there’s a silent d and a t, it’s very confusing’.

Beck Avon is named after two different grandfathers, while daughter Daivy Kaye ended up with a mix of her mother’s two favourite name choices.

Jordan was originally keen on Daisy or Navy for her little girl, and inspiration struck after she heard somebody introduce themselves with the last name Davies. Kaye is taken from Jordan’s mother’s middle name.

Followers were fascinated by this insight into the Page family history, with one person marvelling: “You have such interesting stories for all of your names. I love how you put lots of thought and care into how their names will ‘grow’ with them.”

Another said: “I love how much family names came into play while putting your own personal spin on them! All of their names are so sweet and unique.”

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