‘I quit my job as an RE teacher to join OnlyFans – now my mum won’t talk to me’

Women around the world have told of how they decided to leave their day jobs to make more money than they could ever have dreamed of on OnlyFans – but for some, it has come at a cost

Monica Huldt
Monica claims she was disowned by her mum when she joined OnlyFans

A former RE and history teacher gave up her career to join OnlyFans – and now makes 30 times her old salary.

Monica Huldt, from Sweden but now living in Arizona, used to teach history and RE to secondary school students which brought in a monthly salary of around £1,600.

But after making the move to the US, she married her husband John and started making content on the adult platform – which now brings in nearly £50,000 every month.

Although Monica is richer than she has ever been, it has come at a human cost.

Sadly her relationship with her mother has deteriorated since she joined the platform, and, while she doesn’t regret her career choice, Monica said it makes her “heart hurt” that she and her mum don’t speak.

Monica used to work as a teacher but changed her career


Jam Press/@swedish_bella)

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Monica isn’t alone in ditching a “normal” job to rake in the cash on the platform, with women around the world making the same moves and seeing their bank balances soar.

Charlotte Rose, 27, from Essex, gave up her job in the police force after just one year and now makes £80,000 a month on OnlyFans.

She said she didn’t like the male-dominated environment of working on the beat and decided to start modelling instead.

Soon after posing with luxury cars like Lamborghinis, Charlotte was snapped up as a glamour model – and when the OnlyFans platform was first launched in 2016, she was one of the first people asked to join.

“I don’t miss my old job at all, it really wasn’t the job for me,” she said.

“I’m going to stick with OnlyFans for as long as I continue enjoying to do it. The minute I stop enjoying it, will be the day I decide to stop.”

Mum Allie Rae, from Boston in the US, hung up her nurse’s uniform last year after colleagues found out about her OnlyFans page.

She claims they turned her in to management which left her with a choice of which career path to follow – and Allie says she has “no regrets” about her decision.

Allie, 37, and her husband Steve now perform together on her platform, earning between £80,000 and £300,000 every month for their content.

“I originally became a nurse because I was obsessed with science and the body,” she said.

“Caring for neonates in the NICU quickly became my passion and I was very good at what I did.

“It was during Covid-19 and my husband worked for the airline, he was laid off during that time and so we lost a complete income.

Allie quit her job as a nurse after colleagues found her OnlyFans page


Jam Press/TheAllieRae.com)

Melissa worked as a cop for nearly 30 years


Jam Press/@the.real.bella.lexi.2)

“OnlyFans not only provided us entertainment during the lockdowns, it was so much fun and very liberating for a woman my age, not to mention it gave us an extra income stream and helped pay off all my student loans.”

Much like Charlotte in the UK, Melissa Williams from Colorado used to work as a cop – and remained in the force for nearly 30 years.

The 46-year-old mum first used the platform as a racy side hustle, but all that changed when her colleagues and boss discovered the page.

She claimed she felt “shamed” for running the page and felt forced to leave her role – but she had the last laugh.

Melissa claimed the same people who judged her for selling steamy content now pay for it themselves – and even ask her for discounts.

“I don’t miss the work I was doing,” Melissa said.

“Until I left I never realised the toll law enforcement takes on your mental and physical health.

“But I did enjoy many aspects of my job like leading amazing men and women to be successful in their positions and being in the community.

“Now that being an OnlyFans model is my only job I am having a lot of fun and putting more effort into my content.”

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