‘I rummage in bins for food to feed my family and donate to the local community’

A dad-of-five has revealed how he goes around rummaging around in bins to look for food which has been thrown out, to save it from landfill and feed his family instead

He finds so much perfectly good food just thrown in the bin
He finds so much perfectly good food just thrown in the bin

A dad-of-five has found online fame after documenting himself ‘dumpster diving’ for food for his family and posting it on YouTube.

The dad, who runs a channel called Grab It Fast, lives in the United States, and regularly finds treasure troves of perfectly good food which has been thrown into industrial bins.

Before sharing his finds on YouTube, the dad uses the produce to feed his family, as well as donating huge sums of food to local charities within his community.

“I save food, merchandise and other items from ending up in the landfills,” he explains in his channel bio. “A huge portion of what I find gets donated to multiple blessings boxes throughout my community.”

In most of his videos, the dad can be seen visiting huge bins belonging to various different supermarkets and food stores, where huge amounts of food are thrown out for various different reasons.

One clip shows him dumpster diving in a bin behind an American store called Big Lots, where he recovered 15 boxes of Ritz crackers, seven packs of Pretzel flavoured Pop-Tarts, four packets of chocolate croissants, several boxes of chocolate chip cookies and strawberry sponge cakes.

Not only that, he also picked up lots of Valentine’s Day chocolates, a massive bag full of packets of pretzel sticks, bags of coconut flour, ten packs of chocolate chip pancake mix, a multi-pack box of Cheez-Its and several bottles of white vinegar.

It took just 10 minutes to fill up the entire boot of his car before he moved onto the next store, where there were many more goodies waiting to be discovered.

The dad then took the haul to his community’s local pantry and filled the shelves, where residents can come and get free food if they’re struggling.

“That looks a lot better, I know it’s a lot of sweets but I’m sure that having something sweet to eat is better than having nothing at all,” he said.

One viewer commented: “Awesome score, the donations are such a blessing to others, keep doing what you do,” while another added: “I love watching you guys and it’s beautiful what you do for the community to give back.”

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