‘I swapped numbers with a woman at a wedding – without realising her ex was there too’

A man who danced with danced with a newly-separated woman at his sister’s wedding, right under the nose of the woman’s ex-husband, has asked the internet whether he was in the wrong

Wedding guests
A man has asked whether he was in the wrong for dancing with a woman while her ex-husband was there

If you’re single, attending a wedding could be your idea of hell – but when you think about it, it’s the perfect place for a flirt.

Love is in the air, everyone if happy, and there is usually copious amounts of alcohol, great music and dancing.

One wedding guest clearly took advantage of all the good vibes at his sister’s big day and decided to shoot his shot, but it became more complicated than he had expected.

The unnamed man has caused quite a stir by sharing his story online, explaining that he had danced and swapped numbers with a recently separated woman – right under the nose of her ex-husband.

A wedding can be a great place to have a flirt


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Taking to Reddit’s Am I The A*****e forum, the user explained how he had seen a “really beautiful woman” sitting by herself during a slow dance song and decided to invite her up for a dance.

He continued: “She mentioned she was recently separated so wasn’t looking for anything romantic but agreed to dance with me anyways.

“We then danced for a couple songs and seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. We actually ended up exchanging numbers and she left to go home.”

Afterwards the wedding guest went outside for a cigarette, but quickly noticed that someone was “glaring” at him.

The Redditor explained: “I asked if he wanted a smoke and he told me that I should ‘lose her number’. I just kind of ignored him and went back inside.”

To the wedding guest’s surprise, his sister then explained that the man he had spoken to was the “woman’s recent ex-husband,” and that they were just separated, not divorced.

His sister was not too happy about the fact he had been dancing with the woman, and explained that the ex was a friend of the groom and that was why he also was invited.

The Reddit poster felt bad because he “might have caused a scene,” but actually felt like he “didn’t do much wrong”.

In the comments, people overwhelmingly supported the fact that the bloke had done nothing wrong, and that the woman could have said no if she didn’t want to dance.

One user commented: “Too many people in this story are acting as if the woman has no agency in this situation. She made a choice to dance with you. You didn’t know anything about her marital status.”

Being single at a wedding can be difficult – but if you hit it off with someone it can be great


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Another said: “She’s a grown woman and knows how to say no. It was a couple of dances in public. I see why she’s separated.”

A third added: “As far as you’re concerned, you asked a stranger to dance, she accepted, you both had a good time and then decided to exchange numbers to see where it might go from there. You did nothing wrong.”

Many people highlighted the fact that the woman’s ex sounded “possessive” and that he was in the wrong for making comments.

One user said: “Seeing his behaviour, I wonder why they must have separated in the first place.”

Another added: “That ex-husband guy is an a*****e and creep. He has absolutely no say over what you or his ex does.”

However, there were still a few people who pointed out the fact that “they’re not divorced yet”.

Another Redditor argued that they probably shouldn’t have done it at a “wedding where it could have caused significant drama”.

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