‘I threatened to pull my daughter from school after way teachers treated her disability’

An outraged mum has received a flurry of support from fellow parents after explaining how a teacher didn’t believe that her 13-year-old daughter has Cerebral Palsy and was exempt from certain aspects of PE

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Amanda was sent to the headteacher’s office after a PE substitute didn’t think she had Cerebral Palsy

A mum threatened to pull her 13-year-old child out of school after how they treated her about her disability.

The outraged parent took to the internet to discuss a school incident involving her daughter Amanda, who has Cerebral Palsy.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous mum said Amanda can walk independently on even ground but not for long periods.

As a result, she has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) outlining what she is able to do in PE lessons.

“I got a call at work telling me that Amanda had spoken quite rudely to a substitute PE teacher who tried to make her climb the rock wall,” the post reads.

“Apparently Amanda did say ‘I can’t, I have Cerebral Palsy and I have an IEP’ but when another child said ‘Yeah! Same here!’ the teacher didn’t believe her and became insistent – standing over her”.

The school wanted to give Amanda an after school detention – but her mum refused


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The mum explained how her child started swearing at the teacher, repeating “f**k off”, until she was sent to the headteacher’s office.

It was then proposed Amanda receive a same-day after-school detention, meaning she would have to take a bus that drops her off “at a road about a mile away that has no footpath”.

When the mum refused the punishment and suggest the school enforce a week’s worth of lunchtime detentions, she was told she was making excuses for Amanda who “needed to face the consequences”.

“I reminded them why Amanda couldn’t take that bus and was told ‘well, sounds like a natural consequence to me’,” the post states.

“This isn’t your average kid refusing to do something, being rude and deserving a long walk home as well as detention. This is a kid that could be seriously harmed if she was made to walk that far and on that road.

“I agree that Amanda needs to face consequences for her language – but putting her in danger is NOT right and that if they were insistent on this – I was insistent on taking my lunch break right now to drive over and pull her out for the rest of the day.”

The school has since contacted the mum and agreed on giving Amanda two lunchtime detentions.

A slew of people sided with the mum and slammed the school’s actions, with some even arguing legal action is necessary.

“Your child was absolutely not in his wrong for standing up to an adult male authority figure who was using physically threatening posturing to force compliance… AFTER he ignored his legal obligation to uphold her medically necessary accommodations,” one user fumed.

Another said: “Your daughter stood up for herself against a bully, the school wants to punish her because they hired that bully”.

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