‘I want my bridesmaid sister to shave her armpit hair before my wedding day’

The bride received a lot of flack after admitting that she was keen for her sister to shave her armpit hair before the wedding, despite it not being her choice

Unhappy bridesmaid in dress
The bride does not know how to mention it (stock photo)

A woman was criticised after admitting she wanted to ask her sister to shave her armpit hair before the woman’s big day – because it can be seen when she is in her bridesmaid dress.

The woman is getting married next year and immediately asked her sister to be in her bridal party, which she accepted but is now not sure how to broach this uncomfortable subject with her sister.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained that her sister has not chosen a bridesmaid dress which will cover her armpit hair and says it will be visible at the side and front of the dress.

Apparently the hair is visible in the dress…which is fine (stock photo)


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In the post, the woman, who remained anonymous, said: “I will be getting married next year. My partner and I will each be having 3 people in our wedding party.

“I am providing hair and makeup services for them at the wedding if they choose to use them. My sister has armpit hair that pushes out from under her arms when they are at her side. She has chosen a dress that will not cover this.”

She went onto explain that she is thinking of mentioning this to her sister and asking her to shave just for this one day and for the wedding photographs which will take place on the big day.

They added: “I and the rest of my family and my fiancé’s family do not find body hair on women attractive (again, I realiSe this is not our choice to make her shave it).

“I have had family members tell me they do not like how it looks. But I am trying to express that we would really like her to shave just for this one day and these photos that I am spending thousands of dollars on. I think the “photoshop it out” solution isn’t going to work for us as it would cost me additional hundreds of dollars.

“I have not said a word contrary to her about the hair for a long time. I am trying to decide if and how I should present this to her. If she says she won’t, I still will have her in the wedding party – not going to throw her out over something small like this.”

In response, many have supported the bride and said that the way she is going about this is positive as it is not judgemental or anything against her sister and is merely a suggestion.

One person wrote: “She’s obviously not in the wrong and you seem like you’re being thoughtful and giving this request the consideration it’s due.”

While another stated: “Make sure you approach her alone! Don’t let her feel ganged up on!”

Another added: “I don’t think I would make this request. If she’s in your wedding party, you can accept her as-is without it putting a damper on your evening or photos. And if it really was somehow that much of a bother… I’d rather just pay for the editing.”

One person blasted: “Why are you trying to make your sister attractive to you and your fiancé’s family? Like, it’s just body hair. It occurs naturally. It’s not like she’s trying to bring weapons or explosives or anything. It’s just hair.”

“It feels weird to me that OP has apparently discussed this with her fiancé’s family. It’s fine to have your own preferences, but OP’s sister doesn’t need to appear sexually attractive to her own family and OP’s family at this wedding,” wrote another.

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