‘I want to change my baby’s name after people’s reactions but my husband refuses’

A stressed mum has taken to Mumsnet to consult fellow parents about potentially changing her child’s name because she’s decided she doesn’t like it – but her child is already three months old

Arguing couple
The mum is worried that people won’t know how to spell the name of her child

A stressed mum has asked for advice on whether she can change her child’s name – because people don’t understand it.

Asking for advice, the woman revealed that she hated the name – but her partner isn’t keen after they originally agreed.

While she was initially fine with the baby name she admitted that she’s now having second thoughts due to other people’s reactions to the name.

She explained on Mumsnet: “Based on people’s reactions to the name so far our child is going to go through their life correcting people and repeating/spelling their name.

“There is a nickname which is a bit loosely based on the full name but how easy would it be to make that nickname stick? Otherwise, what should I do?”

The mum wants to rename their baby, but her husband is reluctant (stock image)


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Although the name itself is never mentioned, the mum added: “It’s a real name from another country. The nickname is also a fairly commonly used name in English. It’s not a name I would’ve chosen and is a bit out of fashion, but it’s immediately intelligible to the average Brit.”

Fellow mums posted on the forum offering words of wisdom and trying to help the mum realise she’s not being outlandish in her desire to change the baby’s name.

One user wrote: “You agreed, but you no longer agree, so choose another name.”

One disgruntled replier did mention that they thought it wasn’t acceptable for the mum to change her mind as she had previously agreed on the name with her partner, so they didn’t think she could overrule her partner at this stage.

Other users mentioned that if the name is registered, it may be difficult to change, but the mum added that it ‘wouldn’t be a problem’ due to the country they’re living in.

Another commented: “1) If the name’s already registered, I’d live with it and maybe try and introduce a nickname. 2) If the baby hasn’t been registered yet, I’d say I’m vetoing the name, and the partner just has to accept that.”

Some people who replied said that their children’s schools were really understanding and were happy for the child to go by another name, as long as it wasn’t something ‘ridiculous’, pointing out that often schools have a ‘preferred name’ section on any forms.

Another wrote: “Just use the nn from now, and intro your child with that name, and tell school and any other staff that’s what they are called.. and they will just use it.

“And when you do have to fill in forms just write Katherine (known as KITTY). Will be fine.”

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